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Exquisite craftsmanship, innovative designs and immaculate production expertise – Jewelex integrates all the essential elements to produce jewelry lines that transpire into quintessential collections for leading global jewelers. For over twenty years, we have been the leading jewelry supplier.

We forge ties with our customers beyond products and supplement services in the form of dedicated sales training, market research and brand building. Our close proximity with customers through local presence helps in understanding their business priorities thus enabling in product development as per current market trends. Enhancing the value proposition across the product life-cycle creates deep synergies translating into superior performance.



Spread over 80,000 square feet, the manufacturing facility embraces latest technology and requisite capacity to meet the varied global demands. Facilities located at strategic locations operate in tandem to service worldwide markets. The next generation machines and aiding tools facilitate in accurate and efficient production.

Our dedicated research and development division has been instrumental in attaining continuous operational excellence. Strict quality control ensures that the products coming out of our plants are always consistent and of the best quality.


  • Wedding Ring Collection
  • Dress Rings
  • Bridal Collection