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Is the principle by which an organization thinks beyond just business & profits but demonstrates its commitment for the common good, especially for the more vulnerable among society and to the pressing needs in the community. Wealth creation & wealth distribution can be two sides of the same coin, for socially inclined corporates.


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Tata Memorial Centre – ACTREC: Tata Memorial Centre is the premier name for Cancer care in India. Their main Hospital in Mumbai sees a huge patient load every day, hence, the facilities needed expansion. Due to space constraints in the city, they decided to expand the facilities at their campus on the outskirts of Mumbai i.e. Kharghar in Navi Mumbai. ACTREC (Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research & Education in Cancer) is spread over a 60 acres campus with scope for expansion.

They had need for an OPD (Out Patient Department) Building, so Jewelex India Pvt. Ltd. contributed for the renovation of an existing building into a new OPD Block. With the new facility, named ‘Shanti Sadan’, the Hospital will be able to manage an OPD patient load of almost 1,500 to 2,000 patients on a daily basis. With adequate Doctor examination rooms, sample collection rooms, seating space, cafeteria etc. the facilities combine patient comfort & professional care.


Masoom : Often, youth drop out of high School for various reasons, especially to support families financially. To enable such students to enrol themselves again & complete schooling without giving up their jobs, a ‘Night school or Evening Learning Centre’ concept is very useful. Such students who complete their education, can cope better with the job prospects than those who have quit their education.
The company has been supporting such Night schools, where around 250 students get the necessary academic inputs to complete their schooling and also guidance to pursue their future dreams, as per their aptitude and academic performance.


TRRAIN : Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India strives to provide skilling to youth who are seeking employment mainly in retail & allied sectors. They have designed a special program for Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), as they are usually home bound due to lack of opportunities due to their limitations (such as deaf & mute or orthopedically challenged). After a short training period, they are connected with various corporates who are willing to give such youth the opportunities available within their organisations.

The company has been sponsoring the training of around 100 such PwD trainees, so that they can aspire to become financially independent and do not look at themselves as a burden on their families. Apart from sponsoring the training for the youth, Jewelex India Pvt. Ltd. also offers them employment opportunity within the jewellery division. A steady job for a person with any type of disability can instil a lot of self-confidence in the person to face life with hope and aspirations.