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At Jewelex, we ensure that each diamond is meticulously processed to bring forward the brilliance and fire within it. Diligently crafted at each stage, our diamonds are admired for their consistency in symmetry, quality and assortment. Right from the journey of procuring the rough to planning and polishing, each diamond passes through the team of highly skilled diamantaires and cutting edge technology. We take utmost care and precision while aggregating and sorting the polished goods.

Customers are pivotal at Jewelex. We value solidifying and growing long term relationships by creating customer-focused products and services. Rather than being a mere supplier, we partner with our customers in their value chain and extend personalized and on-time support.

From stars to 5 carat, certified to parcels, round brilliant cut, the extensive product mix fulfills the needs of a wide array of customers. We can guarantee both reliability of supply and consistency of quality.  The fact that we are suppliers to the world’s best jewelry brands is a testament to our offerings.


Jewelex remains committed to procuring and processing conflict-free diamonds.

Our expert procurement team specialises in sourcing the highest quality of goods which ultimately translates into a fine make and superior products. Our suppliers are major mines from around the world. This ensures consistent output throughout the year.

At our 90,000 square feet processing unit, we use most advanced and state-of-the-art equipment at various stages of cutting and polishing. Our collaboration with leading machine suppliers adds an edge to the production. Cutting across the processes is information technology and a supporting infrastructure which binds together and creates a cohesive environment on-time planning and decision making.


To ensure that the diamonds coming out of Jewelex are natural, several detecting machines are installed at various entry and exit points to validate their origin.


4Cs - Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color - are the basic standards which determine the quality of a diamond. Today each diamond is filtered through the prism of these globally accepted standards. 4Cs are the most important parameters which help in evaluating true value of the stone.

  • cut
  • color
  • clarity
  • carat

The cut of a diamond is one of the fundamental attributes (one of the 4Cs) to knowing how to judge a diamond. Although it is often confused with the Shape of the diamond (Round cut, Princess cut, Emerald cut), it actually refers to how well the stone is polished from the rough. An excellent cut gives a diamond a higher level of scintillation. The angles and finish of the diamond determine its ability to reflect light. A better polish means a better reflective quality and hence, more sparkle.