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The Company’s core values of Integrity, Innovation, Care & Excellence have been reflected in the Company’s CSR philosophy for many years.


Jewelex group has focused on the Healthcare, Nutrition & Education sectors. Provision of proper and affordable healthcare, especially in rural areas, is paramount in relieving the hardship and suffering of those with a variety of ailments. An education is important for empowering the future generations, especially among the tribal/rural areas. Both of these important areas need to be augmented with an outreach in the field of food and nutrition, as in poorer segments, this basic need is sometimes the one that needs addressing the most.



    Sanjivani Health Care Centre, Ahmedabad

    Converted a Jewelex factory Premise into a diagnostic centre enabling in subsidised treatment.


    Tejas Eye Hospital, Mandvi

    Provided financial contribution towards the construction of a new hospital building.


    Anjali Charitable Hospital, Ranasan

    Supported in the development of Mother and Child Care Unit.



    KEM Hospital, Mumbai

    Run the daily distribution of morning meals to the relatives of poor patients.


    Nair Charitable Hospital, Mumbai

    Extend the nutritional supplements to the children fighting from cancer to help them in improving their immunity.


    Municipal School, Palanpur

    Since 1979, the Jewelex group has supported education for all and is instrumental in running the municipal school.


    Atma Vallabh Hospital Nursing Institute, Idar

    Co-contributed to the construction of the nursing institute in a drive towards skill enhancement.


    Muni Seva Ashram, Goraj

    Provided major contribution towards the construction of the Eklavya Model Residential School benefiting 900 tribal & non-tribal students.

Sanjivani Health Care Centre, Ahmedabad

Tejas Eye Hospital, Mandvi

Mr Piyush Kothari being felicitated at Tejas Eye Hospital in Mandvi

Daily distribution of morning meals at K.E.M. Hospital

Nursing Institute at Atma Vallabh Hospital, Idar